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Barbara Krahé

Barbara Krahé

Barbara Krahé is Professor of Social Psychology at the University of Potsdam, Germany. Her main research interests lie in the area of applied social psychology, in particular aggression research (sexual aggression, media violence and aggression; driving aggression) and social cognition research applied to legal decision-making (rape myths and biases in judgements about sexual assault). Her research has been funded by the German Research Foundation and the European Agency for Health and Consumers and conducted in collaboration with colleagues at the University of Sussex, the University of Michigan, and the Warsaw School of Social Psychology. She is Associate Editor of Aggressive Behavior and editorial board member of the International Journal of Conflict and Violence, the Journal of Aggression, Conflict and Peace Research, and the Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology. She is a Fellow of the British Psychological Society and a member of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities.

Primary Interests:

  • Aggression, Conflict, Peace
  • Applied Social Psychology
  • Causal Attribution
  • Gender Psychology
  • Judgment and Decision Making
  • Sexuality, Sexual Orientation


Journal Articles:

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  • Krahé, B. (1999). Repression and coping with the threat of rape. European Journal of Personality, 13, 15-26.

Barbara Krahé
Department of Psychology
University of Potsdam
Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 24/25
14476 Potsdam

  • Phone: ++49-331-977-2877
  • Fax: ++49-331-977-2795

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